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Project 52: A Year of Little Moments

December 23, 2014

I cannot believe this week marks the last week of the yearlong photo series, Project 52. I definitely slacked towards the end and completely skipped a few weeks here and there, but I still look at the overall completion as an accomplishment πŸ˜‰ Upon looking back at all of the photos, I realized a few things. I realized that it’s not easy to find time each week to go on a walk, but it is possible and even more so- necessary.…

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44.52 + a little love.

November 21, 2014

I am pretty far behind on my Project 52 | Weekly Walk but I do have a few things to say about that. For one, do you all know how cold it’s been in Chicago recently?! My walks went from 4-6 days a week to… NOPE. None. Well, I am counting the mile walk from the train to the office two days a week (when it’s this cold, you’ll count anything for exercise), but I’ll tell you right now- it…

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Project 52

Season’s Change, His Beauty. (41.52)

October 10, 2014

Can you even get over the beauty of this season? Because I cannot. When Christian and I moved to California in 2011 (and then straight back to Chicago almost 6 months later), I hadn’t expected to miss the midwestern falls as much as I did. We’d moved in July and as the months went by, I’d started to feel like I was in a never-ending summer, confused by the constant warmth and green. My friends back home were in their…

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This Town. (A Grateful Heart)

June 8, 2015

This is our first summer here as Nashvillians and it just feels like we’ve always meant to be in this place. It’s more than the fact that I have fallen in love with the south and the slow-pace/southern ways, or that the state of Tennessee is unbelievably beautiful. It’s not just this state that feels like home, it’s this city: Nashville. When Christian and I first moved here, we threw ourselves into work.Β We wanted to.Β Up until recently, it was perfectly…

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Week Twenty.

May 14, 2015

Tuesday was “one of those days” for me. It began with me waking up definitely on the wrong side of the bed (I hate it when that happens!) All morning I was in a funk – and the more I focused on the fact that I couldn’t shake it, the more frustrated I got. It was so bad that not even Michael Bolton could fix it. (I told you… BAD.) I had a million things to do that day and…

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Project 52 Tennessee

Week Eleven.

March 15, 2015

We walk these days through shadows of trees, where birds are chirping from a place I can’t see. But I spy with my little eye, past naked branches are flecks of blue holding a promise of something new.  Each year I’m surprised at how spring surprises me. Like some sort of winter amnesia I’ve experienced, forgetting that she arrives in perfect time – bringing with her fresh flowers, because she’s polite, and a softer shade of sunshine that warms my…

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Project 52 Tennessee

Week Eight.

February 21, 2015

One must maintain a little bit of summer even in the middle of winter. – Henry David Thoreau  Remember last week when I was pretty much mocking winters here in the south? Well, I basically ate my words this past week. Winter storms in the south are NO joke. Ice came shooting down from the sky for 8 straight hours and by noon, neighborhood kids were literally skating down the street. Yesterday, I cranked the heat, put on my favorite…

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Project 52 Tennessee

Week Seven

February 14, 2015

Throughout the afternoon I watched them there, Snow fairies falling, falling from the sky, Whirling fantastic in the misty air, Contending fierce for space supremacy. – Claude McKay, “The Snow Fairy” It had snowed earlier, this winter in Nashville, but nothing more than a few flurries. This time was different though; I woke up to a sky full of snowflakes, gently falling down to the ground. I ran outside to see how much had accumulated, but only found tiny snow…

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Friday Reflections

January 9, 2015

Ohhhh, guys. TGIF amiright? It’s been a long week but the good news is that all of the moving boxes are now out of our house and I no longer have to scold Cleo for trying to build a fort out of them every morning at 2am.  I have lots of fun things planned for this space next week, one of them being a review on my new Firmoo glasses. I have very strong feelings about these bad boys! There…

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